A Birthday Wish

Murchhana Mishra
He- Hey! Are you there? There is no electricity or what?
She- Okay okay! No more drama; at least not in front of me. Because I’m with you since 2013 and I know very well that you never ever forget your birthday, so just keep calm and wait for a surprise.
He- Oh yes! I just forgot, actually I was feeling sleepy… so… okay can’t wait more.
She- Wait!!!
He- But what are you doing in kitchen? Are you baking cake or what? Where did you bring cake in lockdown?
(Lights on!!)
She- Happy Birthday to you… (With two cup of tea)
He- Oh wow!!! A different way of celebration… I like it!!!
She- Ok now listen to me… “Khusi ke time kuchh mitha ho jaye”! I don’t know how to bake a cake, so I made tea… Now take a sip and tell me how it is?
He- (with a cute smile)… it’s amazing, but if “mitha ho jaaye” then why have you added ginger to it?
She- I added it, to remind you my negative side, our negative sides… You are very special to me, I want a whole life with u… That’s really so so so sweet of us!!! But we can’t ignore our arguments, we can’t ignore our surroundings and can’t ignore to some of bitter truth. Baba I really don’t know what our future… May be some day, we become our enemies! Like we became couple from Friends or maybe we will fight with our beloved persons for ourselves. But we can’t ignore our present also. But yes, one sentence I can say you, combination of sugar and ginger give a perfect blend to tea, like bitter sweet experience will make our relationship stronger… And we both can fight with whole world if we can empathize each other…
He – I love you… Let’s enjoy this silence with hot cups of tea… cheers!!!